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High bandwidth inexpensive wireless internet reception is available in the apartments via

Most recent pricing for unlimited wireless cost ONLY 5 litas/24 hours (approx. 1.50 Euro or US$2.00) or 50 litas/month (approx. 15.00 Euro or US$20.00).  This modest fee covers coverage for WiFi spots all over Lithuania, not just at this sole location, a benefit many guests have requested.  We have taken time to find the best service provider for such a service.  Please familiarize yourself with the modes of payment for Zebra.  This can be done in advance of your trip OR upon arrival.  Once paid, service is immediate after entering your password.  Individuals may pay for the password with a SMS charge to your phone, a credit card payment, a bank transfer or a convenient cash payment at any of a number of easily accessible locations.  Current pricing and additional payment information available at the bottom of the link (in Lithuanian) HERE.

Some individuals have mentioned that their credit cards were not accepted online.  This may be due to a problem with your bank.  In that case, you can simply purchase the inexpensive password from numerous locations all over Lithuania.  The closest (all within a 10 minute walking distance) which are open 24 hours per day are:

CENTRAL POST OFFICE (Gedimino pr. 7)

RUDININKU VARTAI (Rudininku 15 / 46)

ALEXA (Pylimo 43)

Please print out the complete current list of locations and opening times throughout Lithuania at the link listed HERE and take it with you.

PLEASE NOTE: While WiFi reception is usually quite good and fast in apartment BALTIC this service is provided by Zebra through the same service as many of Vilnius’ hotels, and “not directly included” in the cost of your accommodations..

In apartment AMBER the WiFi depends on your laptop - some guests have had absolutely no problems, while some guests reported weaker or intermittent signals (but can usually be picked up quite well in the cafe downstairs).

As this is a service provided by Zebra, please understand that we can not be held responsible for the quality of the service, any conflicts with your telephone or your laptop, any information errors in the Zebra links above, or any service problems directly or indirectly experienced while using the Zebra service. Any questions regarding these matters should be addressed directly to them.


Incoming Calls:

As guests prefer to use mobile phones there are no fixed line telephones in the apartments.

To telephone direct from abroad to Lithuania one must first dial the local country's international line access code.

(ex. from USA-Canada: 011, each country is different, so check with the local authorities)

The country code of Lithuania: 370

The cell phone number: usually 8 digits long

Outgoing Calls:

Check before leaving your home to see if your phone is compatible with European SIM chips.

Sometimes the phone is compatible for Europe but needs to be “unlocked” by your service provider.

Contact your cell provider for details.

Those in the USA using AT&T seem to have the best possibility for compatibility but do make sure that your phone is “unlocked” for international use.

Pre-Pay Credits:

Mobile telephones in Lithuania are the least expensive and convenient alternative for holiday travelers.

If you prefer not to pay expensive international roaming charges, the best deal is to purchase an inexpensive Lithuanian  “pre-pay” SIM card from any of the local kiosks.  Once the credit runs out, you simply recharge it for as much or as little as you desire.